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Adiphene Reviews

The Adiphene is a new dynamic presence in slimming products and a strong fighter against stubborn fat and booty fat that accumulates your image.

Adiphene power is due to the innovative and unique creation of an “all in one” gives knockout blow in fat.

The 12 Adiphene super ingredients

We can speak of a powerful fat-soluble new generation with extremely efficient and unique properties and immediate action. With a combination of carefully selected ingredients, the Adiphene constantly evolves dynamically in the range of the most popular fat-soluble.

The Adiphene secret is its wide range of powerful natural ingredients it contains and which cover the problem of spherical thick. To be effective, the Adiphene cares fight against fat from all possible angles.Thus, especially using ingredients for the stimulation and improvement of the metabolic rate for thermogenesis, for control of appetite, for the blocking and the stimulation of fat metabolism of fat, the Adiphene able to encircle the problem obesity and press its root.


Adiphene The ingredients are:

Ingredients to enhance the metabolic rate

Bitter Orange: The ingredient recommended by many nutritionists for weight loss and increased metabolic rate and combustion of the body.

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Chromium Picolinate: It increases the action of insulin in the body, thereby controlling the amount of fat stored in the body.

Guarana Extract: It improves over the treatment of food by the body and fast metabolism, providing energy to the body.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract 10%: It regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and control blood sugar levels in the blood.

Cocoa extract: Cocoa contains theobromine known which has excellent ability to inhibit the storage of fat in the body substance, while in cocoa polyphenols significantly increase metabolism.

Ingredients with an action of thermogenesis

4% extract of cinnamon: The components are few and very specific, which have the ability to show special thermogenesis in the body. Cinnamon is one of those ingredients and enhances fat burning, even in the extremely difficult part of the stomach that afflicts many people. The control levels of glucose and insulin.

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Cayenne 1.12 40M HU / G: This cayenne pepper is one of very common ingredients with the action of thermogenesis in place of thinness. It is known for excellent slimming action, and increases blood flow by appropriate increases of the body all the elements to maximize absorption of Adiphene burn effect and provides up to 270 calories per day just by increasing temperature it causes.

Ingredient for the control of appetite

Glucomannan: A known sedative, glucomannan is a successful ingredient for many food supplements.

Ingredient for blocking grease

Chitosan: It helps reduce fat absorption by the body and therefore less fat storage in the body.

Ingredient for metabolism of fat fast

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 metabolism improves the power supply used for the body and increases the burning of fats and hence weight loss.

L-carnitine HCL: Optimizes combustion during exercise.

The main strengths of Adiphene

  • Excellent results immediately and drastically.
  • Absolutely no side effects.
  • All active ingredients in a single weight loss product.
  • Fat loss even more difficult areas such as the stomach.
  • Guaranteed refund in 30 days.

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